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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

We, (Talavera Hair Products, Inc.) are the Sole Owners and Inventors of all Intellectual Property Rights (IP Owners) for the Split-Ender hair trimming device. This invention has been created by Mr. Victor C. Talavera and it is protected by law under U.S. Pat. 9,597,811 and U.S. Pat.10,131,060, China Pat. ZL 2015 8 0001111.7, Hong Kong Pat. HK1222608, European Pat. # EP3062972 and EP3248742, UK Pat. GB2538902, UK Pat. GB3248742, Australia Pat. 2015213618, Brazil Pat BR 112015015912-5, Canada Pat. 2968370, Colombia Pat. 33039, Costa Rica Pat. 4071, Japan Pat. 6292492, Mexico Pat. 354247, US Pat. Design D864,484 S, Canada Industrial Design Reg. 172238, Argentina Industrial Design 92405, Chile Industrial Design Nº 201802856, Colombia Industrial Design Reg. 19704, Ecuador Ind. Design DI-2018-2019, European Design Registration No 003247527-0001, Paraguay Ind. Design 3191, Peru Ind. Design 4734. Many other and new Worldwide Patents Pending!

Other Intellectual Properties include Trademark (Split-Ender) under U.S. Reg. No. 2,645,923, U.S. Reg. No. 5,535,584, Europe Trademark No. 1254963, Europe Trademark No. 18021205, China Reg. No. 3648276, Hong Kong Reg. No. 300034703, Japan Reg. Int. No. 1254963, South Korea Reg. No. 8-5-2020-002039517, Canada Reg. No. TMA638351, Argentina Reg. No. 2.816.776, Australia Reg. No. 1705917, Split-Ender PRO Australia Trademark Reg. No. 2169895, Brazil Reg. No. 909350884, Chile Reg. No. 1247175, Colombia Reg. No. 1254963, Costa Rica Reg. No. 258089, Honduras Reg. No. 141801, Mexico Reg. No. 1634207, Mexico Registration No. 1254963, Paraguay Reg. No. 431976, Peru Certificate N° 247190, Copyrights of Pictures, Text, Graphics, Video, Artwork, Dress Code.