Income Opportunity!

DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR CURRENT INCOME or Make an additional $24,000 to $48,000 or more of New Extra Income Per Year!

(See Chart Below)

umpstart your Professional Hair Styling career with this New Income Opportunity and take charge of your financial future. Discover the latest hair tool innovation in the Beauty Industry that will help you achieve your dreams and goals with business increase. The New Split-Ender PRO tool offers a one of a kind opportunity for you to add-on to your current services a new and very important service never offered before. This is an EMBROIDERY HAIR TRIM TREATMENT with the precision only offered by the SPlit-Ender PRO! Now you have a tool that will help you trim your client’s damaged hair ends and split ends in minutes by either 1/4″ TRIM (or 1/8″ TRIM setting) of the hair strands ends alone while preserving the long healthy hair. Remember! No client likes to cut their hair off when they have the option to only Snip the Tip and preserve the length.

The New Split-Ender PRO tool is specially designed to assist you in this difficult, time consuming and tedious task of removing the damage hair ends and split ends with great engineering precision and speed.

Below are the few of many benefits offered by SPLIT-ENDER PRO!

  • It is much easier, faster and safer than scissors!
  • No human can do with a pair of scissor what the split-ender pro can do with it’s patented “sts” surgy-trim system technology, precision and speed!
  • The split-ender pro can trim 1/4″ of the ends from a 150,000 hair strands in 30 minutes or less!
    Try to do that by hand and a pair of scissors!!!
  • The split-ender pro does it for you while preventing
  • The split-ender pro does it for you while preventing unnecessary strain on your wrist or “carpal tunnel syndrome”. 

Below is another great benefit of INCOME OPPORTUNITY with the advantage of using the new Split-Ender PRO Tool!

For Example:You normally see your clients every 3 to 4 months for hair cuts or trims.

But with the Split-Ender PRO new service:
You should see your clients every month after the initial treatment for a follow up treatment. This is how it works… It is recommended to begin the initial treatment to your clients hair with the 1/4″ TRIM setting to insure that you remove all or as much as possible of the damaged hair ends and/or split ends from your client’s hair. After the initial treatment, it is highly recommended for your clients to return for a monthly follow up treatment with the 1/8″ TRIM setting to avoid dry, damaged hair ends to form or split ends from coming back. This will insure that your client will be growing their hair longer, faster, more beautiful and healthier than ever before. And therefore you will have more repeat visits than you currently have today! Your clients will be happier with their new long healthy hair and so will you with the new repeat business from the new service you are now providing! Take in consideration that since this is a new tool and salons are not offering this new service as of yet, you will be in a great advantage over other Professional Hair Dressers in the industry as you become a pioneer of this awesome new Split-Ender PRO tool and new service in your city or home town!

This could bring you not only repeat business but new clients as well as the word of mouth travels around!

You can charge for this service what your time is worth and you put your own price tag but to give you some ideas there are already some Professional Hair Dressers charging from $50 to $100 per hair treatment with the Split-Ender PRO in an average.

To give you some income opportunity ideas we have included a chart below!


Based on $50 to $100 per treatment with only 5 clients per week!

PER WEEK & MONTH: $50/$100 X 5 Clients per week = $250/$500 X 4 weeks per month = $1,000/$2,000 of New Extra Monthly Income!

PER MONTH & YEAR: $1,000/$2,000 X 12 months per year = $12,000/$24,000 of New Extra Income Per Year!

If most of your clients come to see you every month, then your new monthly income above should be either double, triple or even quadruple. In a conservative calculation its save to say that at first you should at least start seen a noticeable business increase or even double your new income above. If you double your new income above to 10 clients per week, then the new calculation will look as followed:

PER WEEK & MONTH: $50/$100 X 10 Clients per week = $500/$1,000 X 4 weeks per month = $2,000/$4,000 of New Extra Monthly Income!

PER MONTH & YEAR: $2,000/$4,000 X 12 months per year = $24,000/$48,000 of New Extra Income Per Year!

 NOTE: Calculations above do not include your current income or other services such as hair coloring, hair styling, hair extensions, etc.