Split Ender

Split Ender PRO by Talavera: World's First Split End Hair Trimmer


Victor C. Talavera had long hair and used to spend hours removing split ends every two months with traditional scissors. He invented a hair tool to remove damaged hair tips in just minutes without affecting the length of the hair called the "Split Ender", making the trimming process more efficient.


The Rest Is History ...

The Split Ender is a unique and revolutionary worldwide patented invention that is specially designed to guide the hair ends into the blades in a straight motion, trimming the very end of the hair strand (between 1/8″ or 1/4″ TRIM depending the setting you choose on your Split Ender PRO) while preserving the overall length of the hair. Thanks to the amazing Split Ender invention men and woman can grow their hair longer, reach desired lengths faster, and cultivating healthier, more luxurious hair than ever before. 

Written by THP Crew


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